Streetside Flower

Director’s Statement: Streetside Flower is a film for anyone aspiring to do anything. You don’t have to be a painter, or even an artist, to understand Luke Best. Our talents are our blessings, but this film is a reminder that they are also our burdens. We forget that the things in this world that bring us the most joy, can also bring us the most adversity. A lot of us spend our lives knocking on doors, selling ourselves in search of a warm welcome into the life that we choose, before we knew all of the choices that we had. Streetside Flower illustrates the story of a person who finally stopped knocking, and became inspired to build something of their own. Credits:- Written and Directed by: Robert Anthony Agard- a Good Guy Creative illustration- Produced by: Robert Anthony Agard, Tremainse S. Witter, Christopher Amaya, Kenny Forbes- Starring Kenny Forbes

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