Elian Almeida

Brazilian visual artist, graduating in Visual Arts at the Institute of Arts of UERJ and taking the last year of license in Cinema and Audiovisual in the arts and media department of Sorbonne Nouvelle University - Paris 3. Worked and researched over three years as an educator at the Rio Art Museum. Combine different artistic techniques and practices, essentially: photography, video, installation, performance and painting. With research that moves us to examine social performativity, the black body, in relationships that shape the constructions and actions in contemporary society. In a process of archeology of historical memory, in its production, in the movement that displaces the past, present in suspension of the future, a revision and clash is evident. The power of synthesis and the reframing of themes such as state violence, decoloniality and communication in visual culture. He recently held important exhibitions such as ‘’ Esqueleto - 70 years of UERJ ‘’ at Paço Imperial, and ‘Arte Naïf - No Museum less’ ’at EAV Parque Lage. Despite his young trajectory, the presence of his work in important public and private collections and institutions stands out.