Artemus Jenkins

Artemus Jenkins is an award winning filmmaker who has used the documentary format to innovatively capture the raw and beautiful aspects black culture. Artemus Jenkins has lived in Atlanta for over 13 years as a participant observer, documenting how artists from marginalized communities use creativity to craft a better reality for everyone. He has blazed a trail in the digital filmmaking space by creating the first docuseries on strip club culture; the viral hit "Power of Pussy" (P.O.P.) and created the first and only documentary detailing the lives and history of black tattoo artists titled "Color Outside the Lines". Recently Artemus’ documentary work helped win a MTV Video Music Award with recording artist H.E.R. in a historic new category created during the 2020 global pandemic. Artemus is currently preparing for a group exhibition at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Museum which will open in February of 2021 and is developing virtual programming that teaches and contextualizes Visual Ethnographic techniques for contemporary study of global culture. Artemus also thinks children are the future and need more Wu-Tang albums.